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Whether you are valuing your company or want to perform a financial feasibility study on your potential investment / project, our Platform will simplify the process by explaining each step during the way and generate a well-designed detailed report in a click of a button.

We Help you make better financial decisions

A Detailed and Transparent Report

After finalizing our step by step questionnaire, a report is generated which can then be used for discussions with the stakeholders involved. Afterwards, you will have 30 days to modify your inputs anytime.

Financial feasibility study

Our results are understandable to finance and non-finance individuals

Methods / Metrics used

Valuation methods

Although there are various types of valuation methods for start-ups and mature companies, we only use the most simple and easy to understand methods.

Financial Feasibility metrics

The metrics used in your feasibility study results are easily explained and are used by all financial experts worldwide in assessing the feasibility of any project

How Does it Work?


We ask for your name, email, Company / Project name and the service type required.
Afterwards, we ask for the service payment through a secure and transparent gateway. For our first users, we will offer a limited time offer on our price.

We learn about your Company / Project

We ask you a set of quantitative and qualitative questions about your Company / Project.
Each question is explained in simple terms in order to be easily understood for both finance and non-finance individuals.
Additionally, if you need any help during the process, we are always available to provide free assistance.

Then, we create your report in a click of a button

After finalizing the questionnaire, a well-designed report is created with a click of button.
Additionally, once registered, we provide you with 30 days to modify your answers and report anytime.
During the 30-day period, we are also available to assist you if you have any follow up questions.

Financial feasibility study

Have any questions? You are our Priority

Ongoing support

Our support is always available to help you. Please get in touch if you have any questions, either financial or technical. We will answer your message / email within minutes during weekdays and a couple of hours maximum during weekends.

Data confidentiality and security

We understand how important confidentiality is. We do not sell or share your data in anyway. Additionally, we do everything to keep it safe.


We are faster and more than 95% cheaper than traditional services.

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